About Living Will Advance Directive

David Lemberg, M.S., D.C., is Founder and Creator of LIVING WILL ADVANCE DIRECTIVE and author of Top Ten Tips for Writing Your Living Will, an easy-to-use resource that guides readers through the process of designing and creating a living will/advance directive. Each chapter concludes with a Personal Reflection and a series of Action Steps to help facilitate and enrich the overall experience of creating this important and critical document. The peace of mind we obtain by helping protect our future in this way will provide immeasurable benefit to our loved ones and ourselves.

David was the co-founder and executive producer of SCIENCE AND SOCIETY. David is a bioethicist. His areas of interest are end-of-life planning, health care policy, clinical ethics, social justice, and redress of health disparities. David is currently presenting his hour-long talk, “Revisiting the Schiavo, Cruzan, and Quinlan cases: The Critical Importance of Writing a Living Will”.

David is a sought-after keynote speaker and conference MC/Moderator. His current keynote, “Science Fiction Becoming Science Fact”, was presented most recently at The Molecular Convergence Conference. In recent years he has been the MC/Moderator at The Health of Nations Conference and the BioLife Sciences Symposium. ARTSCAPE and SCIENCE AND SOCIETY have been featured Radio-TV Interview Report, The Scientist, IEEE Spectrum, and the Society for Biomolecular Sciences.

As host of SCIENCE AND SOCIETY (launched in 2003), David has interviewed more than 600 world leaders in the sciences and science-related activities, including Nobel Laureates, industry executives, senior government and NGO public policy makers, and best-selling authors.

CONTACT INFO — david at livingwilladvancedirective dot com