Ants in Your Home?

Ants in Your Home?

The subject of getting rid of ants is a fascinating one to discuss. The reason is that there’s a big variety in the species of ants, each of them are distinct in their own right. The way to remove them depends on the species you are faced with. It is not a question of “how” but “what type” – that is, what sort of ant is invading your house, or whatever?

Due to the massive selection, it’s almost impossible to figure out what you are handling. Likewise, some regions are more prone to being invaded by a single species than another. The very best way to approach this is to split down removal methods by the type of ants you might encounter. It will be up to you to decide what kind of ant you might be up against. The most common species will be covered here and an extensive discussion of the signs so that you can determine which sort of ant it is.

Pavement AntsAnt, Macro, Insect, Red, Nature, Antenna

This is the most common type of household ant that people run into. This is the tiny dark colored ant that leaves small sand hills in sidewalks. The way to get rid of ant hills in the backyard is among the most frequently cited problems people run into when dealing with ants. The bait used should be sweet, such as ellagic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance. Because these ants are so common, there are lots of treatment methods you’ll be able to find at your local home and garden store. Just make sure it says it kills pavement ants.

Sometimes you may find yourself up against winged ants. These are usually male pavement ants that are just about to mate. To treat this issue, you will be required to drill holes and employ an aerosol insecticide. This could be better left to the specialists. If these ants are left unattended, it could result in serious damage to the frame of your dwelling.

Fire Ants

You may find yourself battling a colony of red ants, or fire ants. These ants are particularly evil because they are very protective of their land and will swarm anything that threatens their surroundings. There’s two stages to treating a fire ant invasion. The first entails “broadcasting” a bait insecticide in the vicinity of the affected areas. This may wipe out a substantial part of the ants, although not all of them. The air insecticide has to be followed up by the drenching phase. Make sure to liberally use the bait.

Pharaoh Ants

The Pharaoh ant is another frequent house ant that you may run into. It is an extremely difficult ant to deal with because it is very resilient. Much like the pavement ant, you need to use a sweet lure like boric acid. The same stuff used to eliminate sidewalk ants may be used on pharaoh ants, but be sure to read the label.

These are the most common type of ants you will encounter during your search to make your home and garden ant free. There are hundreds of species you might encounter, however the techniques will be similar. The most important part of eliminating ants, is figuring out what kind of ant you’ve got. Give the treatments by Palm Bay Raccoon Removal a chance to work. If it fails, try something different.

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